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A must listen!

This show is so insightful I’m obsessed with episode 175 , these are modern tools of life that we need ! Thank you so much !

Love this so much

What a fantastic host and fascinating stories that I can find a way to relate to. I can take many of the lessons being taught and apply them to areas of my own life to try and feel happy. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey and Bettina helps guide you!


Bettina is a fantastic host. These interviews are a powerful reminder to live life for yourself. Don’t allow others to program it for you.

A Great Gift!

This podcast os a great gift, and I’m very grateful Bettina puts her heart and soul into it. (You can tell she does so, just by listening.) I’ll be back!

Powerful conversations

Great job Bettina. I loved the latest episode on being a deliberate manifester and understanding the power of our words.


So much to love in this podcast! There’s a wide range of topics, episodes are concise, lots of great interviews! An all around great podcast!

You CAN take this with you!

Bettina shares discussions with a wide range of impressive guests. What develops from these talks are simple, actionable steps get better at what you do. These ideas are transferable across the range of your life's activities.

Great Podcast with Diverse Topics

A great podcast starts with a great host. Bettina is awesome. She asks good questions and allows her guests to answer them without back and forth or interruption. The topics of the show are diverse and thoroughly discussed. I felt after listening that I learned more from this podcast than I have from 90 percent of others o have listened to. Great work and I look forward to hearing more!

Inspiring and Motivational Show

An inspiring and motivational show that provides listeners with the tools and insights needed to reach their full potential and live their best life. Hosted by a dynamic and engaging speaker, each episode covers a wide range of topics, from personal development and goal-setting to relationships, health, and wellness. Bettina brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the show, and presents it in a relatable and accessible manner. The show's guests are equally impressive, and bring a wealth of expertise and inspiration to the table. Whether you're looking to achieve success in your personal or professional life, In The Rising Podcast is an excellent resource that will help you get there. With its actionable advice, inspiring stories, and thought-provoking discussions, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to level up their life.

A wonderful show!

Bettina is a fantastic host! This is a motivating and uplifting show. I especially love all of the conversations about life and finding your inner peace. A wonderful show that is an easy listen and a joy!

A breath of fresh air

In The Rising Podcast is a breath of fresh air! I appreciate the host’s authentic attitude and non shaming way. It’s a really powerful podcast for moms to listen to - especially loved the mom guilt episode. Good work!!

Basic goodness

Wonderful guests, inspiring questions and overall optimistic and compassionate approaches to improving your quality of life. Two thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼

Well done!

I really struggle to prioritize self-care so I do hope that continuing to listen will help me as I endeavor to do better. I feel inspired and must say, well done!

Needed Content

I love the approach of this show and the guests that are highlighted. Such insightful information for many of us interested in learning more about areas that aren’t always discussed in the mainstream.

Powerful guests

I love the premise of this podcast! It is such a powerful message of overcoming adversity and focusing on the positive. Bettina does a wonderful job interacting with the guests and asking questions that elicit powerful and personal responses. I highly recommend this podcast for anybody wanting a refreshing and positive take on the human experience.

Powerful and informative!

So much value in each episode. There was so much to digest. I will definitly be back for more!

Love Actionable Content

Anytime, I can listen to quick bites of actionable content, I’m in. Great messaging, give it a listen!

Great show!

I love how jammed pack and quick these episodes are. Perfect for car rides and getting actionable advice.

Truly inspiring!

This podcast is a truly great tool that helps you navigate some of life’s most important issues. Offers in-depth, compassionate advice and information. I find it truly inspiring.

It was such a pleasure to be featured!

Bettina is gentle, kind and genuine. I loved the compact format and we covered a TON of ground. She dives right in and seeks out the gems that will help her audience find peace, growth and connection. Direct. Simple. I'd definitely chat with her again :)

Outstanding podcast!

Outstanding podcast with a fabulous host! Bettina covers a variety of different topics with wonderful guests. A must add to your podcast list!

Excellent podcast host!

Bettina and I had a really good conversation. I hope the information can inspire others to see how powerful we are. ✨

Must listen

Gots to tune in with this podcast. Too dope.

Sabrina Osso review of In the Rising podcast

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Bettina Brown on her podcast, In the Rising. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the interview. We had great flow of conversation. Bettina asked excellent questions that would benefit any audience. She provided wonderful feedback throughout the interview. We would be happy to return on her podcast anytime in the future. -Sabrina Osso from Osso Safe

Eyes open heart open

Love the way she is positive but REAL. I am definitely the same. All the episodes are structured and guided in a very well rounded positive way. I get through many moments by listening to her. I get through anxiety driving with her on the road and some personal issues with these positive and inspiring times with her. Thank you , you are truly special for what you do

In the Rising

Bettina speaks with a calm, kind heart and voice, that instantly brings a feeling of comfort to the listener. She speaks with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. I happened to listen to one of her episodes on a day that was particularly difficult for me, and I found myself lifted up, with a greater feeling of peace after listening. You will feel happier for listening to Bettina!!


What an inspiring podcast that enrich one’s spirit when feeling down. I totally enjoy listening to this podcast. Great job

So positive!

If you want to fill your ears with positivity this is the podcast for you! So motivational and empowering :)

A great way to start the day! Truly inspirational!💜

If you’re looking for some daily nourishment for your heart and soul, you’ll find that Bettina will speak life back into that special place that, YES! - still exists within you! She turns tribulations into triumphs at every corner! Her positivity, inspiration and tenacity is truly contagious! Spoken with grace, humility and humor, she is relatable, honest, raw and vulnerable as she shares her personal and professional life journey. She’s a true gem who loves big and knows no fear! If this was a book.... it be a page turner and impossible to put down! Bettina is truly gifted and I highly recommend In the Rising podcast for anyone seeking clarity on following your heart’s desire and living your best life!

Great Show

Great self-improvement show, awesome host. Giive it a listen.