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Episode 150: How is Money Trauma Affecting Your Personal Relationships?

What do a lay a layoff, a medial emergency, a global pandemic and even a broken appliance have in common? Each of these scenarios has the potential to upend your personal finances. Alyssa Davis, the found of the Mixed Up Mone...

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Episode 127: Money is a Metaphor for Life: Virgina Baker-Woolf Money Coach Gives Power to Your Story.

" We all need more money in the hands of women so that women can properly advocate for themselves and because when women have more money a heap of collaborative work takes place. " Virginia's Website: The Money Project The Mo...

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Episode 125!! Evolving to Be Exceptional: Jessica Tietjen on Building Strengths to Precision in Work and Home

Jessica Tietjen (Pronounced "Teach-in") has many strengths. One of her Top 5 Strengths is MAXIMIZING. How does she know? She took the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment. "Everything I experienced lead me to write my new book ...

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Episode 111: Paula Telizyn Shares Trials and Rewards of Business Ownership

Paula Telizyn has done it all... or darn near close to it! She describes her own journey through business ownership, and what prompted her to do it in the first place. She shares how her passion became a business, and her go...

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Episode 95: How Self-Love and Money Intertwine with Joseph Okaly, CFP

Website http://www.enjoymore30s.com Website #2 http://www.nhwmllc.com LinkedIn URL https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-p-okaly-733b6b90/ Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/NewHorizonsWealthManagement Twitter URL https://twi...

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Episode 62: Prosperity and You- Are you Doing and Believing ThingsThat Keep You From Prosperity?

What does being prosperous mean anyway? For most of us, this means money. Plain and simple. But, there is so much more to it Money Health Quality time Vacation Memories Good Food Clean water Here is the link to the book, You ...