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Episode 181 | Connie Lockhart Ellefson- Engineer to Organizer & How to Clear Your Mind and Energy with Organization

I invite you to listen to In the Rising Podcast- a show dedicated to helping others create change and a life that they really want. "Living the life I want" was a phrase that I heard often while working with clients going thr...

Health Nutrition

Episode 178| Sharon Holand Gelfand- A Mother's Determination to Heal Her Son Through Nutrition

When Sharon Holand Gelfand's son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, she did what she felt would help her learn how to help her son. She went back to school and went back to school for her Master's degree in Nutrition. She h...

Health Self-Improvement Self-Love

Episode 177| Dr. Yug Varma Revolutionizing Skin Care to Bring Vibrance and Opportunity

Another skincare product? What's the catch? How much does it cost? Those are the type of questions we are used to asking after hearing about a new line of acne treatment. But what about other kinds of questions to examine our...

Health Self-Improvement Overcoming Health Challenges

Episode 167| Dr. Steve Hetts Describes How to Create Better Outcomes After Stroke

Dr. Steven Hetts is Chief of Interventional Neuroradiology at the UCSF Mission Bay Hospitals. He founded the Interventional Neuroradiology services at San Francisco General Hospital. Dr. Hetts describes how to create better...