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Dec. 27, 2019

Episode 1 Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline

In the Rising Episode 1 Show Notes 

Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline


We say and hear the words: Motivation, Inspiration and Discipline. How are these words related, and what exactly do they mean to us, and how will this matter when starting a business, writing a book, or waking up at 5 am to exercise? I explore this in today’s podcast.


·        Inspiration: Having an overall feel of excitement to complete a task or feel a certain way. This is an internal force that can express itself outward through action.  

Example: Having a conversation with someone about what course they are taking to get an advanced degree, makes you think about what you are also capable of.  

 ·        Motivation: Having an affect on someone outside of yourself, by pulling them into action via your words or actions. This is an external force.

 Example: Having a conversation with someone about what course they are taking, and they tell you that you can do this also. They provide a course outline, and ask you to join them because they know you can do it also.

·        Discipline: Having orderly and prescribed behavior. This has more to do with action that either internal or external forces acting on someone.

Example: You have heard about this additional course and you decide to take it yourself. You make all the necessary phone calls, you examine your budget, arrange new time in your schedule, and complete the course 6 months later.




Definitions:  from online Merriam-Webster Dictionary




www.theonething.com Book by Gary Keller & Additional information

Steve Harvey’s Write Your Vision



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Bettina M Brown, In the Rising Host: Hello and welcome to this episode on the Female Podcasters Network. My name is Bettina Brown and I'm the host of In The Rising Podcast. I love to talk about what makes us tick and what makes us really live a life that we feel we ourselves feel is fulfilled and enlightened and wonder. and lives in alignment with our values and follows our hopes and dreams and walks away from our shame and blame.

And so I went through my own podcasts and looked at which one seemed to resonate the most with anyone that has ever listened to my show. And the reality is that this one show stood out and it was the podcast that I talk about motivation, inspiration, and discipline. And I even went into talking. What it is and, and why is it important, but what, what's the point of that?

Why, why would we , why would we ever look at motivation, inspiration, and discipline? And the reality is we really want to have a life that is worth living, that is something we're excited about ourselves. . And so when I heard, because I'm in healthcare, when I heard that the number one statement that those individuals on hospice really facing the end of their life within the next 24 to 48 hours, one thing that they tend to say is that they wish they would've lived a life that was really theirs.

Not the roles they played, not the vice president of marketing, not the mother. Not just the sister. Not just the daughter, but really, their life, though the roles are important, but really just show who they are. And so I discovered something like three points that are really important to help stay with that.

And I'm gonna follow into and swing back around how motivation, inspiration, and discipline can help with that. And the number one thing I wanna talk about is purpose. , we hear about it. You know, often we've heard about the book title, the Purpose-Driven Life. What is your purpose? What is your desire? And it sounds kind of woo-hoo, but there is a lot of depth to it because when we find our purpose, then things like hard work, determination, i e discipline as well, they're, they're not a big deal.

They come natural. But that is such a big thing for us when we're figuring out what our life is, is worth, what our life is, is supposed to be for. Why are we here, , why are we here on earth? It's to find that purpose that can be so hard. So how do we find our purpose? One of the tricks that you can. And I call it a trick because I, I'd never even heard of this until I was, taking a another class and I thought, that's what I'm gonna try.

And it was the best trick or technique ever. Write one thing down that's important to you. For example, I would like a four bedroom house. . Then underneath that write why that thing is important. Why do I want a four bedroom house? Well, because I would love to have a bedroom for my office. I would like a bedroom for my closet, and I would like a bedroom for my gym.

Of course. My bedroom for a bedroom. Well, why are those other things important to you? Well, I would like my gym because you know what? To me, I'm a spiritual person. I believe that my body is my temple. It's my vessel to fulfill my purpose, so I need to keep it in shape. I would like my office because I have hobbies such as this podcast I want to fulfill.

I would like a really great bedroom where I can sleep well at night so I have the energy the next day to fulfill my purpose and go on. Well, why is that important? Why do you need a good bed? why do you want to, why do you view your body as a temple? What? What does that mean if you do that? This why pyramid? Why is this?

Why is that? By the time you get to number six or number seven, most of us have no other whys, but that is the real why, and that is also our. That is what will keep us going in hard times, in good times. And it will keep us going day after day into months and years because not our per many of us, our purpose is not realized in any short amount of time.

For many of us it isn't. But once you figure out that why, and you have that purpose, well then you can work every single. on that purpose, knowing exactly what results you want and you know exactly what kind of discipline it's going to take to get that goal. Now the second major thing that really helps us live a life that we really like is, is really starting to do the self work to really work on yourself.

And again, a lot of us may roll our eyes a little bit, like yes, you know, motivate yourself, and yes, read the books and yes, do the meditation. But at the same time, if you are designing yourself to live in your purpose, whether that's to be the best mom, the best podcaster to, to invigorate your children, to invigorate your family, to realize the hopes and dreams of everyone that came in front of you, whatever that purpose.

If you work on yourself, you can get better results. Why do you tend to sleep in? Why do you hit that snooze button if you have this wonderful gym? What is keeping you from going into it? It helps you identify what habits are kind of self sabot. and what habits can make you move forward. And the reality is this self-work is very important because we tend to, we as people, we as people really live in what we believe.

If we believe we are athletes, then we are determined to eat a certain way. We are determined and we cannot miss the gym. You've met people like that. Like I ca I, okay, I got a guy, I gotta go to the gym. That's just because that is who they. That this purpose, these actions that are towards their purpose, become part of their identity.

That's why the author will sit down and write whether it produces a work of, of writing that's publishable or not. It is the practice. It is the habit. It's the person who, who's in a shooting, you know, competitive shooter. They go out there and they will always practice dry runs. They will always go out and shoot.

They will always learn more how to get better because they are not just people, but they are actually athletes or, or shooting, individuals. That is something that is who they are. And I have had really the honor of interviewing some. Who have had children with diagnoses that were so rare, but they spent all of this time and all of this money looking, researching, taking their own courses, getting their own biochem degrees, anything to be a better mom.

Why? Because it's an alignment with what they believe and that will drive you beyond everything. And that third habit that really. Or third purpose or third place is belief. You know, you can have all the purpose in the world and work on yourself, but if you don't believe that you are going to achieve it, it's kind of like wanting to get to, to drive across the street, but you don't believe your car will start.

So you buy a car and you believe, you take the classes, how to drive the. , but you don't believe you can do it, so you never even turn it on. So you have tools, you have time, you have the ability, but you lack the belief. And so with success and everyone's version of success and definition of success for their life is different.

But the more distance we have between our goal and what we believe our what is achievable with our. , the more mental barriers we have, and it's just out of reach. And so with negative beliefs, they can push us, push that goal away, or push us away from our goal and vice versa. So how do we then use motivation, inspiration, and discipline to help us with our purpose, self-work and belief?

Well, you know what? Every single one of us has a. Where we're just not failing it, , right? We are just not, we are not quote unquote, motivated to do anything. We are exhausted and those are the days we're listening to other people, Bob Proctor or Steve Harvey, or anyone to really motivate you, to energize you, to help you to pull that out of you.

To pull that. How should I say that? Deep sense of need to do something out of you because it's not there all the time. It's not even human nature to have that, and motivation actually has the def definition of having an effect on something outside of yourself. It's actions and words that help increase something else, but sometimes.

We can listen to all the motivation in the world, and that's where motivational speakers come in handy, right? Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi. But at some point in time we also need to feel inspired. Now what is that? That's that feeling of excitement to to complete a task, to feel a certain way. This is internal, that motivation is all that outside.

sometimes you're motivated by looking at a, a really beautiful home you can't afford right now, and you're like, that's my goal. But something has to inspire you inside to keep making that your goal. And then there's discipline and all of that is having an orderly prescribed behavior. And basically it's following actions that lead to certain.

So first and foremost, purpose. This is the motivational talk. This is that motivational podcast for you. And how do you feel right now? Do you feel inspired to follow that dream, to follow that goal? And one of the things you can do is write that down. Write what is important to you. Go through those, that pyramid of why write down each single one of them our words carry.

Literally the ink weighs something, but it, it carries that and it carries it with our, our neurobiological links. When we write it down, it sits better. And how do we do that With discipline? We sit down and we write about it. And I have done this myself and I've had to pull it outta myself, but it just feels different when you've written it.

So far as your self worth, sometimes you need to be motivated to meditate, motivated to listen to a talk. But when you have done that and you feel that little tinkle that that little, little flutter inside of you of inspiration, then you know that that self-work has helped you. And what do you do? You have the discipline to do it the next day and the next day and the next.

And when you form enough habits of that, it transforms you into this is the kind of person you are. You are the kind of person that has a purpose and continues with their self-work. And so far as belief. Belief is kind of special belief. Belief is special in that sometimes I think we may not have enough belief either in ourselves or a situ.

or a goal, and I really firmly believe, I guess I said the word itself. I firmly believe that you can borrow someone else's belief in you. You can borrow some of their belief in your potential, in your dreams, in your vision, in your life, and you can borrow until you have your own, because it is only your own that's going to move you forward.

And when you feel. belief that you've borrowed from someone else when they see in you something that you didn't even know you had or you can't see in yourself, but then you change and you do. You're like just maybe, and then you feel inspired to share your belief in someone else, in someone else's mission and someone else's purpose and someone else's.

and that continues your cycle of more inspiration. And then that cycle helps you have the discipline, the behavior to focus on believing, walking away from shame, blame, game negativity, negative thoughts, going away from what will hold you down and walking forward to what moves you and lifts you up knowing.

that that walk forward is not as occupied. That path is not as occupied as the others. And so just as a recap, having a purpose, having this, the I idea and the continuation of self-worth and belief in your goals will help you, hopefully help myself as well. Have something else to say. When you're interviewed, you're like, you know, I had the best life.

I don't regret much in what I, what I didn't do right. I learned from, but I'm excited about what I did. I'm excited about the legacy I left behind, and I am hoping, hoping that my life, my actions, the way I lived, motivated others to believe into their own potential and to believe in their own goals. I think that would be a much better thing to.

So I thank you so much for your time today. I, I'm really honored because you know what time is something we don't get back. It is the one thing that once it's gone, it's gone. Non-renewable resource. So I'm grateful, for your time today if you felt this podcast episode was a benefit. Go ahead and share it with other people.

It does so much to put, you know, to, to inspire and motivate other people. And I really encourage you also to follow us. Join us@femalepodcasters.com, helping other women, supporting other women to be in the world of podcasting. I think we only occupy about 25 percent . But you know, we've got a lot more to say and we've got a lot more to represent and we have a lot more to offer.

So I thank you and until next time, let's keep building one another up!