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Feb. 11, 2020

Episode 10: (Step 6 of 7 Self-Love Mini Series): Forgiving yourself from guilt and shame

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                                          Episode 10

 7 Ways Self-Love looks like in real life Mini-Series focusing on #6

1.     Be Aware of how you feel, and what you think.

2.     Act on what you need vs what you want. Is what you are doing, or think or saying based on what you want, or what is necessary for you to be in alignment with your true self?

 3.     Be sure to take care of what is considered a basic need, this includes sleep, interaction with other people, exercising, and eating properly.

 4.     Set boundaries. Don’t put up with people treating you as though you owe them something.

5.     Protect yourself from people and from situations you know in your gut are unhealthy for you.

6.     Forgive yourself for your past. Sometimes you did the best you could, sometimes you didn’t. You learned either way.

 7.     Live intentionally, and not just a subject to circumstances.


Information about Brené  Brown

YouTube describing the levels of consciousness from Dr. Hawkins.

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