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March 7, 2023

Eugenia Oganova on the Importance of Recognizing Energy in Business

Eugenia Oganova on the Importance of Recognizing Energy in Business

Eugenia Oganova on the Importance of Recognizing Energy in Business

I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Eugenia Oganova from TranscensionGate.com for In the Rising Podcast, episode 187.


I was excited to talk to Eugenia, because she would go into one of the topics I enjoy talking about the most.


Energy and how to make the best use of it.


The subject of energy may be a woo-woo topic for some people, but I would like to pause for a moment and share a thought. It would be helpful if we were to realize how much of our daily conversation involves energetics. How often do we say that we are not feeling a room's vibe or that something someone said does not resonate with us?


We use the terms of energy in our day-to-day life and see the capabilities of energy all the time. When I say we deal with energy daily, I am referring to electricity, microwaves, and the computer we walk around with that is tucked in our back pocket. That is the energy of reception and connection.  


Have you ever thought about someone that you haven't thought about in a long time, and then out of the blue, that person calls you, or you run into them at the store? There is a belief that that does involve some energy and connection.


Science can look at the electromagnetic waves that our brain emits and our heart emits when we are experiencing different emotions. And what is very neat is that the heart emits almost more energy than the brain does. For those that have a spiritual practice around them, there is energy with that as well.


We also want to understand how we can make energy work for us versus against us. Have you ever heard the term energy vampire? Have you ever said that something or someone is draining you? So if the idea of energy is accurate, how can we use that to move our life forward?


The bottom line is that many people want to understand how energy works. This is what Eugenia went into in our conversation of combining energy and business.



  1. How to use energy to power your business.


Having the right energy is essential when working in your business or career. How do you get to a place where you have the right energy? You can start with the right mindset.  Knowing what to focus on is critical to anything. I love this quote by Robin Sharma:



The same can be said for what you put your energy in, which continues to show some change or improvement. So, having the energy into the right places will make a difference. 

Having your energy in the right people will also change how you will grow.


  1. Make sure you're using the right energy source.


Eugenia Oganova shared this quote during our conversation on In the Rising Podcast,


"My whole energy system is very efficient because I utilize the way that I'm meant to be."


Have you ever been around people that you have to prepare yourself for to be around? Eugenia points out something that is often overlooked. We have the right amount of energy and energy source when we are doing and being what we are meant to be. This means that we are being drained. But we also need to find the right energy source for ourselves.


This made me think of my conversation with Vincent Todd Tolman, in which he shared more about his energy source during our conversation about his near-death experience. (It should be called a "death experience," as he was in a body bag.) For some people, that energy comes from various ways- doing acts of service, meditating or finding time to be with a higher power. But, he emphasized that his connection with God and his family became a vast energy source. This energy kept him on his mission and his goals.


  1. Make the most of your energy.


So, how can you make the most of your energy? If you are a coach and feel that you are a more conscious person (someone who is readily aware of their environment, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy and how it connects with others), you may benefit from learning more about Eugenia Oganova. She enjoys and uses her ability to easily connect the dots to help others put the right energy and focus into their mindset, business, and marketing. After all, we shouldn't just be "us" when we are out there. But, then, we are advertising something false, no?


My favorite line from Eugenia was this:


"Soul expertise is the origin of confidence."


We all have a story; this line summed up much of my recent life. When I pulled the completeness and purpose from my soul- I felt the boundaries of my emotions, focus, and relationships better aligned and purposeful. I focused on "change" a great deal, and wouldn't you know, it was also brought up in my church. Craig Groeschel released a book, The Power to Change: Mastering the Habits that Matter Most, and shared his research into what creates change. Per his interpretation, the power to change begins with having a change on a soul level and knowing what you really are and capable of. Could it be that you bring a different energy when you are comfortable with the gifts you have been given? 


As Eugenia said, it is great when we can "shed layers of conditioning and programming and imprinting and find who they are so that they can find that internal certainty and show up."


How are you going to show up today? What energy and focus are you going to bring to the table?



Keep Rising,