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Feb. 4, 2023

Why Motivation, Inspiration, and Discipline Matter

Why Motivation, Inspiration, and Discipline Matter

Why Motivation, Inspiration, and Discipline Matter


In the very first In the Rising Podcast episode, I talk about motivation, inspiration, and discipline are essential to achieving success in any area of life. With motivation, it can be easier to get started on a task or goal. With inspiration, it can be easier to see the purpose of working toward a goal. And without discipline, it can be easy to give up when things get tough. That's why it's so important to cultivate these three qualities within yourself.


I was scrolling through a fleet of posts and came across a post by someone who joined the same writing group I'm a part of. They wrote that they were excited to be part of this group and were excited to be motivated to continue writing.

Another group member commented on the post that "motivation has nothing to do with it. It's all about discipline. No questions asked."


At first, I was taken aback, thinking the response was a little abrupt and rude, but it got me thinking. I didn't believe that the comment was entirely off base. I wondered a little more about motivation, inspiration, and discipline. Where do these three things come from? And how do we build them to achieve our goals? I came up with the following ideas.

1. Why do motivation, inspiration, and discipline matter?

Discipline keeps you on track even when you don't feel like it. Motivation is helpful when it's hard to get started on anything. And with inspiration, it's easier to keep going. When I think of motivational speakers, I think about Tony Robbins and Les Brown. They have given beautiful speeches in which they share their difficulties and how they overcame them. When all three are working together, you can accomplish anything.

  • Motivation keeps you going and pushes you to achieve your goals.
  • Motivation is what gets you started. It is the gas that powers your engine. It is the force that propels you to achieve your goals.  


I looked up the word inspiration also. Inspiration is from the Latin word Inspirado, to breathe into or breathe life into something or take the life out of it. And when you're looking up the word in Greek, it means to influence.

When people provide you with a speech, they are trying to inspire you and encourage you to find that thing inside of you and have that push you to what you want to do. When I hear the speeches by Oprah and Denzel Washington, I think of the inspiration they try to expel to those listening.

So motivation is pulling you. Inspiration is just that internal push, but then where does discipline come into this whole effect?

No one achieves success without inspiration. When you're feeling down and out, it's helpful to look to others who have achieved great things. Their stories can provide the inspiration you need to keep moving forward. So don't give up, no matter how tough things get. Find inspiration in others and let it drive you to achieve your dreams.

  • Inspiration gives you the drive to keep going and achieve your goals.


-Discipline helps you stay on track and achieve your goals

Discipline is vital if you want to achieve your goals. It enables you to keep on track and focused. When you have discipline, you can resist temptation and overcome obstacles. It can be tricky, but it is worth it in the end. It is about controlling the way you live, behave and work consistently.

I have read The One Thing by Gary W. Keller, and I like his idea about discipline. He argues that we don't need more discipline; we must employ what we already have.

This is an excellent idea because it makes us feel like we have less work to do to get us going. We have what we need, but we need to learn how to use it!


2. How to stay motivated, inspired, and disciplined:

As I was contemplating the post I read, I decided that all three are essential and that motivation, inspiration, and discipline are the three pillars of success. Without one, it isn't easy to achieve anything significant. However, with all three, anything is possible.

So, how can you stay motivated, inspired, and disciplined? Here are a few tips:


1. Find a role model or mentor. Look for someone who has achieved your desired success and emulate their behavior. I had the opportunity to have two guests on In the Rising Podcast,  EA Csolvokvits and TC talent's CEO Doug Lawrence, on the importance of having a mentor. They emphasize that we can improve our lives in our careers and goals by having a mentor, but having one that is a good fit to you is just as important.

"A good mentor is going to leverage their lived experience" – Doug Lawrence

2. Set goals and deadlines. A specific goal to aim for, with a timeline attached, will give you the impetus to take action.

A dream is essential, but it needs to have a timeline. If we give ourselves ten days to do a task, it will likely take ten days. Often people need help knowing how large a job is, but when we have a timeline, we will find the determination to complete the goal.

3. Establish a routine. This regular practice will help you stay on track and avoid procrastination.

Sticking to a routine helps reduce anxiety and stress and opens up our day to more tasks that we enjoy. The act of completing a habit is calming and helps us think better. So, if you are working on a large project, the act of creating a habit allows the mind to have more energy to think creatively and help you through the project. Having a routine will help keep you on track and motivated.

4. Find support.

Surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage and support you on your journey. It is crucial to evaluate the people you allow in to help you. The goal of some people is to reduce their ability to succeed as it makes them feel better about their own life. It is always easiest to kill an idea in seed form. But when you have the right environment, those that support you can help you grow tremendously!

Groups provide a place to share your experiences, learn from others, and find support. They can also be a great place to find information and resources. It can be challenging to find the right group, but it is worth the effort.

Consider starting your own if you need help finding a group that meets your needs. This can be a great way to connect with others who share your interests and experiences.

5. Seek out positive reinforcement.

When you do something well, give yourself credit and positive reinforcement. This will help to keep you motivated.

6. Take action.

Messy and imperfect action is action

This one is my favorite! Messy and imperfect action is action. Waiting until everything is perfect is an excellent excuse. Still, it is also part of paralysis that stops so many people. I am still learning and am seeing new ways to do things because of the steps I have already taken. We don't need to be reckless, but there is something to the idea of taking one step at a time. No matter how small, every step is a step in the right direction. The most important thing is to take action and progress toward your goals.

-Find inspiration in others who have achieved success


When you're feeling down and out, it's hard to find the inspiration to keep going. But that's what's so important about having a goal in life – it gives you the drive to keep going no matter what. You may not be able to see it right now, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. And when you finally achieve your goal, it will all be worth it. So don't give up – keep fighting, and you will eventually reach your destination!



In Good Health!