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Oct. 8, 2021

Episode 105: Miranda Oh- Invites you to Hold Your Chin Up and ...

Tits Out!

Yes, you read that right.

Miranda is a spunky woman who is able to tell her story with feeling, humor and a healthy dose of grounded-ness. (Yes, that word is made up!)

This is a short conversation between Miranda and I, as she opens up about her past, and how this has changed her life for the better now.

"Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong," but after "roadblock after roadblock" she was able to create an incredible book series, and a life that she is grateful for and proud of.

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was a phrase that I heard often while working with clients going through cancer, and so I created this podcast. I also saw that there is a gap in knowledge about cancer, lymphedema and how to manage recovery, so I created Fit after Breast Cancer.

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