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July 22, 2022

Episode 152: David Edwards Shares How All Great Lives are Based on Enduring Principles

 Per David Edwards "Surprising foundations to get more done, feel more connected, and stay balanced in a rapidly changing world. "

Mr. Edwards shares his view of what challenges most people have to generate the personal drive to direct their own life.  He has been a CEO for several years in health care.

His book  “New You! Who Knew?” covers principles and values that can change your life!

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I invite you to listen to In the Rising Podcast- a show dedicated to helping others create change and a life that they really want.

"Living the life I want"
was a phrase that I heard often while working with clients going through cancer, and so I created this podcast. I also saw that there is a gap in knowledge about cancer, lymphedema and how to manage recovery, so I created Fit after Breast Cancer.

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