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Aug. 16, 2022

Episode 157: Krystal Jakosky on Owning Your Self-Care

Krystal Jakosky is an author and writer who lives in the incredible state of Colorado. She feels joy and happiness and takes on each day with intention.

She has learned to take in every experience with a "yes, and" 
- Yes this is happening
-And I have something to learn here.

But, guess what, this was not always the case. Krystal had her own very dark place that she rose up from, day by day until she became a different person. She now takes all of those experiences and uses them to bring more good into the world-


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was a phrase that I heard often while working with clients going through cancer, and so I created this podcast. I also saw that there is a gap in knowledge about cancer, lymphedema and how to manage recovery, so I created Fit after Breast Cancer.

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