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Dec. 31, 2019

Episode 4: What does being your true self look like?

In the Rising   Episode 4 Show Notes 


Many people have regrets about how they lived their life. Unfortunately, they can no longer change their regrets. Not having the courage to life a life that they wanted to live, was the number one recorded regret.

 1.     Have an awareness of whether you are living true to your inner self.

 2.     Believing in something bigger than yourself.   

 Those that believe in something greater than themselves tend to believe that BIG dreams are possible for their lives.

 3.     Are you in alignment with who you are, no matter what role you are in?

It is important to know that you are important, and that you do not identify your worth with your ability to complete tasks.

 4.     Are your thoughts yours, or are they belonging to a group? 

It is hard to believe you are yourself, if your thoughts and actions actually belong to someone else.

5.     Are you so enmeshed with another person or a situation, that you find it difficult to know who you are as a whole, independent person?

 Being unable to sense yourself separate from others can often lead to emptiness, co-dependency and frustration.

 There are questions that you can ask to help figure out and embrace your true self.


1.     What do you love to do unconditionally?

2.     Is fear and failure were not possibilities, what would you be doing right now?

3.     What is your number once accomplishment?

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