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July 6, 2021

Episode 83: Exhaustion, Shame and Guilt: Ways to Reduce this to feel like the Awesome Mom You Want to Be

My eyes blink rapidly while the rest of my face goes blank, and my body just goes limp. Why?

I realize that I still have a minimum of 2-3 loads of laundry to do, meal prep to complete for a few days, so I can build more "time" into the next few days, and declutter nearly every room because I am the owner of single socks. 

I can feel a slight chill all over my body, my ribs tightening and my mind going back in time when I truly thought that handling motherhood, a career, pets, utilities were things I could do easily.  

But, with a small intake of breath, I realize that easy is not what I can describe this as. The reason: doing it all is just too much. 

I need help, and if I can't get help, I need to give myself a break.

Motherhood is not for every woman, and I respect that. I knew I wanted to be a mom, but I didn't realize the amount of time a little growing human takes from your time...even when they are not around. Knowing that I am of my son, still makes my heart race with excitement of truth and possibility. I am divorced, and though I have a cooperative co-parenting situation, I still know that the house, the job, the yard, the pets, the car upkeep, the groceries, etc., are mine alone.  

According to this Motherly article, over 90 % of mothers feel burnt out. What can change that? 

Self-care, but also, recognizing that in no way, shape or form, was it always meant to be on the mom's shoulders-married or not. Asking for help, saying no, and accepting your own limitations with regard to time and energy is important. 

The motherly article points out Brene Brown is the Call to Courage Netflix program... leaning into the discomfort, and going with it.

Belonging: how to be excluded

Connection: how to build the connection

Shame: fear of disconnection

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