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March 21, 2023

An Inspirational Mentor: How Eric Daddario's Experience Transforms the Lives of Youth

Welcome to another inspiring episode of "In the Rising" podcast. In today's episode, we have Eric Daddario, a mentor, and coach who has dedicated his life to changing the lives of youth. Eric shares his personal tragedy and how it has fueled his passion for helping young people make better life decisions.

By sharing his powerful story, Eric enlightens the youth he speaks to on how they can change their lives and impact others. He emphasizes the importance of making better life decisions now to lead a fulfilling life.

If you're looking for inspiration and guidance on how to change your life or help others, this episode is a must-listen. You can also learn more about Eric and his work through his website.

In addition, we recommend checking out episode 123 featuring Dr. Anna Lembke, a renowned author, and expert on addictive behavior. She shares valuable insights on how our brains change and create addictive behavior.

Another great episode to check out is with Susannah Cahalan, who almost lost her life due to a misunderstood illness. Her story is a reminder to stay focused on finding the true cause of our behavior and actions.

Tune in now to "In the Rising" and discover how you can change your life today.

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